simple multipoint-to-point network


I am extremely stuck and would appreciate any help I can get here.

I want to set up a simple network where one coordinator XBee (series 2) receives switch data (on or off) from a number of other XBee modules (also series 2).

I can get 2 modules set up in a network, one as coordinator and one as router/end but I cannot figure out how to make the router/end XBee send it’s digital IO data to the coordinator.

Could someone please provide me with a simple set of function parameters to do this?

Thank you in advance,

Here’s where I’d start with this. First of all, the firmware version might be a little important in that, some firmwares wouldn’t allow you to take IO samples from routers, only end devices, and such. So, the first place I’d start is to upgrade your firmware to the 2x64 ZB firmware on your series 2 modules. This will allow all the functionality you are looking for in your radio.

Then, the coordinator will be receiving an IO line sample which means that the digital IO line data will be sent out the UART of the receiver as an APi packet, which means that the receiver will need to be in API mode, so you will want to use API firmware on your coordinator most likely.

Then you will need to enable the IO lines on your remote radio. Configure them as inputs. You can set up the IC parameter for change detect on your enabled lines.

Then, when the status of the line changes, the IO information will be sent to your coordintor. When the message is sent out the UART as the API packet, you will need to interpret the packet and parse out the information you need. This will tell your host device that the status of a praticular IO line on a particular module has changed states. You could also set up the router to take a sample of all its enabled IO lines at a specified interval using the IR command. Or you could send a remote AT command to tell the remote to take a sample. It can be done a number of ways.

There are of course specifics as to exactly what to set the parameter values, and if you need help, please ask, but this is just the general strategy as I see it.