XBee Pro Series 2 ZNet and DIO

[My goal is to have one Xbee module send the state of D0 to another XBee module as data as it changes.]

I have two XBee Pro 2.5 Modules, each in SparkFun USB Explorer adapters attached to PC’s. I have both modules set with the same PAN. One module is a Coordinator the other is a Router/End Node. I have the Router DL/DH configured with the SL/SH of the Coordinator. The Coordinator receives terminal data entered in X-CTU from the Router just fine.

I have configured D0 as Input (3) on the Router. I have IC set to 0x1 on the Router, which should enable Change Detection for D0. When I use the ATIS command, I can read the state of D0 just fine. However, no data is sent from the Router to the Coordinator. What am I missing? How can I configure the Router to send D0 state when it changes?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

What firmware version are you running?

you can set ir=1000 in router, and ther router will send automatically data to coordinator