Transmitting Digital State between modules

Ok, this might be a really dumb question:
I am using 2 programmable XBee Pro S2B modules. Both are running in API mode, one as a coordinator and one as an endpoint.
On the end device, I configured the ADC1/DIO1 to be a digital input, pull up enabled, trigger transmission if the input state changes.
On the coordinator, I configured ADC1/DIO1 to be a digital out, with default state of 1.
On the coordinator I watch the terminal, and when I push SW2 or connect ADC1 to gnd on the end device, I see the to correct API frame on the receiving terminal.
So far so good…what I really want (for now anyways…) is for the receiving module to change the state of its ADC1 pin to low, when ADC1 on the end device is low and being transmitted to the coordinator.
I tried AT mode on both devices and I can see there is a transmission (based on the signal strengths LEDs), however DIO1 never changes its states and remains high.

Am I missing something here?

The Series 2 firmware doesn’t support IO line passing like the Series 1.
The sample on change will transmit the change to the coordinator, but the coordinator only sends it out the UART.
If you have a programmable, you can program the secondary processor to read the state change and set the desired line on the receiving module.
Otherwise try this with a series 1 (802.15.4) radio.
This one can do IO line passing (It isn’t very fast), however, it can NOT do multiple hops.