Xbee pro s2b to xbee pro s2b

i’m using xbee pro s2b modules, i want to read from xbee to xbee, im using x-ctu as terminal for configuration. i were reading the posibilities to avoid using a microcontroller and i made this configuration. Router AT DIO4 as input with sample rate 3e8 and digital io change detection as FFFF for testing. Coordinator API DIO4 as output low and same sampling rate. i test the conecction between the xbee with one arduino ONE and the state change of the DIO4 is there, the problem its that the coordinator doesnt activate the output i feel that someting its missing telling the xbee to do this but i dont know what is it.

The XBee ZB or Zigbee mesh enabled products do not support direct DIO line passing. That is a function that is only supported in the 802.15.4 XBee modules. All of the mesh based modules require you to use remote AT commands using the API interface.