ZigBee Series 2 chips and simple DIO toggle Issue.

I’m using ZigBee Series 2 chips and am sending a simple switch signal using DI3 from the remote set as a router in AT mode to the Coordinator’s DO3 (low). The sampling rate is set on the remote, but cannot see it toggle on the Coordinator. In API mode on the Coordinator, I can see the commands for toggling, but regardless of mode can never see DO3 toggle. On the coordinator, I can set the DO3 to HIGH and turn on the LED, so I know it is possible. What am I doing wrong? Also, would like clarity on if the Series 2 Zigbee vs. the 802.15.4 which should be Series 1 radios. Information in the Internet seems to point to the Series 1 as being more common. I chose the Series 2 because it looked like it had a few more benefits. Any problem using Series 2 instead if Series 1? All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Series 1 and Series 2 modules works on different protocol and have their own benefits. Selection of modules depends upon project requirement.

In your setup, what you are attempting to implement is called “Line Passing” feature. Currently, this feature is only supported by XBee 802.15.4 modules.

If you wish to continue to with your current module then you will have to introduce a micro-controller on coordinator side that output digital IO status based on API frames received by coordinator.

Well, that explains a lot and thank you for your reply!
Then ZigBee is not equal to 802.15.4 which is implied on the Internet. I need the line passing with the 802.15.4 modules, so will need to get a few of those but then won’t be able to use the ZigBee Series 2 modules in the same network. I wonder if I can send them back to Digi-key and receive some type of credit.
Thanks again,