Problem with: From one DIO to another remote DIO


I’m a student in a electronics engineering class and on working on a project where we have two XBee S2 of the series XB24-Z7CIT-004 revG.

What we are trying to do is:

One of the Xbees will work as a master which has a switch connected to one DIO like DIO0 on pin20 and the switch is supplied with 3.3V. [ 3.3v –> switch –> pin20 ]

And the slave Xbee(remote) is connected to a PIC18.

So when we push on the switch, the master xbee should send a signal to the slave xbee who sends out a digital high to PIC18.

We have been experimenting with different firmwares of XB24-B ZNet 2.5 …coordinator/router/end device/ etc. But with no luck.

We have found a lot of examples with the Xbee Series 1 but nothing with Series 2 on the Internet.
*We have been working with this for 2 weeks now with no luck…

So it’s simple:

3.3v –> switch –> pin20 *DIO0 (master xbee) – – –> (slave xbee) *DIO0 pin20 –> PIC18 port(RB5)

Our present firmware config on the xbees are:
*our PAN 234 and DL and DH is right, cause we can communicate through UART to our PIC18.

Xbee master:

ZNet 2.5 Coordinator AT 1047

DIO0 - 3 DI (Digital Input)
IR - 0 (IO Sampling)
IC - FF (Digital IO Change Detection)

Xbee slave:

ZNet 2.5 Router/End Device AT 1247

DIO0 - 4 DO Low (Digital output, default low *0V)
IR - 0
IC - -

Were are we doing it wrong?
Can someone here help us?
Thanks in advance!