How to toggle DIO 0 pin of XBEE s2

I use 2 xbee s2 modules.One as coordinator with microcontroller and the router xbee alone.I have to toggle the I/O 0 pin state using microcontroller via Xbee coordinator.

At present,when i send the AT command for changing pin state, it makes changes on coordinator section.But my aim is to have changes on router side I/O pin0.

How to make the pin i/o 0 pin HIGH from LOW state at router side using coordinator .

You can toggle a remote I/O pin using an API command. There is a knowledge base article on Digi’s website that walks through the process:

I also find their frame builder helpful:

This does require API mode to be enabled on the radio that is sending the commands (AP = 1.) API mode can be quite powerful and can really be worth the extra code.