LED controlled by switch using Pro S2B modules

Hi all, I’m a totally new user to Xbee devices. I purchased two Xbee Pro S2B radios. I got one configured as a Router in API mode, and the other as coordinator in API.

When I’m in Xctu, and set working mode to Network operating mode I can discover the router while my coordinator is connected to my PC through the serial port. I can download info from the remote router, and even tried changing the firmware remotely with success. I just can’t figure out how to make the I/O pins do anything.

The Router is wired with a tact switch to land pin 7 on the 3.3V output from my sip adapter board. I configured D7 to value 3 (digital input), PR set to 0 to disable the pull up resistor, and IR sample rate set to 64 (100ms). I also have pin 7 pulled low with a resistor to ground. I’m running the router on 3 AA batteries outputting 4v. The 3.3v out of the sip adapter is registering 3.1v. Both TX and RSSI leds are solid red, power is blue, on / sleep is orange, and assoc is flashing green 2 times a second. I also have JV and JN enabled.

On the coordinator I have the same Pin 7 set as a digital out low (4), landed on an LED, and then ground. I can put a jumper to the LED and get it to light up. Just can’t get the pin to go high by pushing the tact switch on the router.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a communication issue because I can remotely write to the router, but I’m not sure if I have them in the right function set modes. Also not sure if I am powering the coordinator sufficiently. I have it plugged into the serial adapter through the Sip adapter, so voltage to the sip is 3.3V, I’m only getting 1.8v out of the sip. Please help!

I got both operating with battery packs now, and also tried changing firmware on both to AT mode. Still no luck. What am I doing wrong here?

This tutorial explains how to do this with the basic Xbee modules, but when I try to use the Pro S2B series the ATIA command doesn’t work.

The tutorial also does not explain which module should be the router and which is the coordinator? Which should be in AT mode and ATI? Seems like the switch should be on the coordinator if you are trying to control an end device, that could be potentially sleeping. But other youtube videos I found say the switch should be on the router, so that is how I have it.

Please help!


First off, the ADC and DIO functions on this product operate from 0 - 1.2V Max.

The module in question does not do a Direct DIO line pass. You need to use the 802.15.4 product for that. For this one, the best it can do is sample the input and then send that out the UART of the receiving module while it is in API mode. You would then need to read that data and then issue a local AT command API frame to change the pin you want from an output high to low as you desire.