How can I get information from one xbee in another?

I want to know how can I recive information about the state of one pin of one xbee in another.
I have an xbee with d0 like digital imput, I need to know the state of that imput in another xbee, because I am want to work remmotly.
I am using AT commands.
Also I dont know how to read that state because if I write
And after I read ATD0
it answerme 3
but I need to know if is a 0 or 1.
Thak you (I am using xbee s2c)

DiegoAR96, You would need to use API mode and the Remote AT command function in order to get that kind of data.

Thak you, but I need use just AT command because I am going to use another microcontroller, I need to leave Xbee working in specific operation to read that input signal througt another Xbee who will be conectet to the microcontroller
so I can´t use API mode.
Or what suppose I should to do with API mode?


The Zigbee and Digi Mesh function sets or firmware files do not offer you the ability to do a DIO line passing function. You must use API mode with the Remote AT command function in order to change the state of a remote XBee module’s DIO lines using these function sets or firmware versions.

coul you send me examples or some document about it?

I need to read 3 input pin in 1 xbee and send that state in another, who will be working with python. What do you recommend me to do?|_____0