newbie question


I am new to the xbee world. I need to have one PC with a xbee plugged into a usb breakout board (coordinator) to communicate with a couple of end devices. (no arduino or whatsoever involved)

I need to control the state of digital ports (on/off) and read ADC inputs.

Should I do this in API or AT mode?

Are there AT commands that would let me change the state of remote ports?

Are there any software that would let me test my setup in API mode (I would like to test hardware before put my hands on my own code, just to be sure things work.)

I have a couple of XBeeSeries2 (XB-24ZB) one with ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT and other with ZIGBEE END DEVICE AT firmware loaded.

Any help will be much appreciated!


I currently

API mode is more suggested as packetized data is being sent. If your requirement is remote AT commands, then it is in better way discribe in the XBee ZB manual. For sending the APIs , you can also make the sample code using ARRAY. Other thing, if you are planning to send and receive, series of APIs through PC only then, you can make your VB application, which is proven with me more effective.