XBee Pro ZB Tree network

Hi, I setup a network this week for field trials.

The initial network was setup as Coordinator with everything else as routers to work as either mesh or tree. Each Router was sending a test string to identify it and everything was in API mode. The results were interesting but it seemed that as the Xbee sends everything in API frames anyway it might be possible to setup
the endpoints in AT mode and work from there.

Not having much luck so far.

Can I use the endpoints in AT mode with a coordinator / routers in API
modes and then simply send the serial data via the UART on the AT mode endpoint ? If so what other things do I need to consider. The main thing is the next work needs to be self healing.

My other quastion relates to routing information. Can I read the binding table or routing information as packets come in so I know what path they are taking ?



The choice of AT or API is only what language you want to speak to the radio at that point.
All the radios send the same info over the air. We are not told the exact protocol, but we don’t care what that protocol is. We only care that it makes it to the desired destination.
If you are always sending data to the same destination. many times AT is the best.
If you are changing destinations (like a coordinator) Then API modes make more sense.
If you need to know the receiver address of who sent the packet, API mode is the choice.

Yes, one radio can be in AT mode and the other in API.