When to use API mode

I am a bit confused regarding when to use API mode. I have a coordinator and 10 routers/ED in my network.

  1. The coordinator sends data (not AT commands) to those ED. It needs to know the address of the ED it is sending data to and receiving data from. As none of these data are related to XBee config, we don’t need the coordinator in API mode. The coordinator will do its job in AT mode. Right?

  2. API mode is needed if I want to read/write the configuration of the attached XBee or send AT commands to a remote XBee. Am I right?

Let me answer it this way. If you are using an Addressable protocol such as Modbus where both the Master and Slaves are defined by you, then you can leave the Coordinator in AT or Transparent mode.

If you do not already have an Addresses protocol but want to control who the data goes to or know who the data came from, then the use of API mode would be used. You see, API mode does not just let you change settings on a remote radio but it also allows you to tell the radio who to send data to on a per packet basis. It also allows you to see who sent a packet on a per packet basis.