How to use remote AT command

I want to get two xbee modules to comunicate ,a Coordinator and a router ,both with API firmware.
I want to change the router’s pin17 (AD3/DIO3) state to 4(DO LOw) as I wish.As we kown ,the AT command should be ATD34.But it’s remote configure ,then we should use remote command request API frame .Is that right? When I broadcast the packet to the router ,it does not work !the packet is
7E 00 10 17 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FE 02 44 33 34 3F
Then please tell me how can i change the I/O state!
Thanks for your help!

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if you tell me the SH SL and MY of the router I can help you

Hello, if you want to broadcast a message you need to set on all devices the Zigbee profile “Zigbee pro” (ZS=2 if I remember well).

Be careful on another thing: the payload of the D3 command you are sending must be a number and not the corresponding ASCII character (0x44 0x33 0x4 and NOT 0x44 0x33 0x34)

After that, sending a type 0x17 frame should work fine.
Hope this helps

Thanks very much !It does work!