Remote AT Command Request problem

I have a XBee ZNet 2.5 (series 2) module. I am having a problem getting the “Remote AT Command Request” working correctly. Below is an API frame that I can not get to work. I have been able to set the NI register to a new node name with this command, However I can not get the command request to query or set a pin (setting the DIO2 pin to high, setting of 5). I have checked and the addresses are correct and API is enable on both XBees and I am writing out the frame.

Any help to point me in the correct direction would be appreciated.

7E 00 10 17 12 00 13 A2 00 40 5C E7 3D 3F 1B 02 44 32 05 8F

0x7E - delimeter
0x00 0x10 = length
0x17 = API type
0x12 = Frame ID
0x00 0x13 0xA2 0x00 0x40 0x5C 0xE7 0x3D = 64 bit address
0x3F 0x1B = 16 bit address
0x02 = change now
0x44 0x32 = D2 command
0x05 = set to option 5 - DO-High
0x8F =checksum


It looks to me as though the checksum is wrong. Try setting it to 0x8A and see what happens.

Thanks for the quick response!
Yes, I think you are correct. I was coming to that conclusion myself. Can you point me towards a routine that can calculate the checksum. I am stumbling on adding the HEX values of the bytes in the frame.


Please disregard my last request. I have developed a routine to correctly generate the checksum…

Hi farmertom

You can build a remote At command packet using Digi’s Frame Maker. Its available at this link:

Thanks for the nice post…