Remote command request polling problems


I’m trying to do a remote command polling to keep my XBee ZNet 2.5 network monitorized. An example of this network could be like this:

  • Coordinator C00
  • Routers: R21, R22
  • End devices: E06 and E25, both childs of R21

An example of the frame used to request remote commands is this one (fields separated by |):

7E | 00 0F | 17 | 01 | 00 13 A2 00 | 40 52 8F A0 | FF FE | 00 | 44(D) 42(B) | EE

SP for router nodes is 0xaf0

I have done some tests:

  • I’ve tried sending commands just to routers. Doing so, it goes OK

  • Sending commands directly to the two end devices, just a few seconds before they wake up (sleeping time is about ten minutes, controlled by a PIC by using sleep request pin). Because the two end devices are waking up at approximately the same time, the command request is sent with just a few milliseconds of difference between them. The result is that just the first command sent has response.

  • I’ve tryed forcing different parents on each node, but I obtained same results.

Waht’s wrong?

Can anybody help me?

Thank you