RemoteATRequest from Coordinator to an End Device has range issues


I have one coordinator and one end device xbee s2 (2mW modules ) using ZB-Zigbee firmware.

If I configure the end device to send an IO Sample every 20 seconds, the range is awesome 30+ meters easy and study.

I change the end device to stop sending IO Samples, so it just sleeps and wakes up and checks for any messages and then goes back to sleep.
SM 4

I have connected coordinator to a micro controller, now the coordinator is trying to send a Remote Request to query the %v AT command. This works only when the coordinator and end device are very close to each other. Does not work when even take them 10 meters apart.

Appreciate any help!
Thank you

Did you set the Coordinator to have the same SP time frames? Did you set the Coordinator for Unicast addressing or are you using the broadcast address?

THanks unicast and SP seems to have fixed this issue.