AT remote command response 4 (transmit failure)

Hi everyone,

So I’m starting up with a sleeping network and I set up a coordinator and its sleeping routers. The fact is when I send a remote command from my radio base to the coordinator with the aim to change the sleep parameters or wake (whatever) the coordinator resond to me a remote command response (97) and in the command status there is a 4 (transmit failure). I don’t know why it happens and what is the reason for being a transmit failure, I mean out of range or the UART from the destination is busy…


I guess its happening because you end devices are sleeping when coordinator tries to send commands.

The solution is to put SN and SP values in coordinator. These values should be equal to SN and SP of that End Devices whose sleep period is highest among all.

This will tell coordinator to hold data/command for this much long period and transmit it when End Device wakes up.

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hey killer,

Thanks for your answer but im not understanding cause okey i send the ST and SP parameters to the coordinator but when i send it the end devices have to be aweake? The coordinator doesn’t hold the parameters when the end devices are sleeping? I mean it seems like the coordinator doesn’t hold the parameters at least the coordinator could send the parameters at the same time to the end devices That’s it?

Regards killer and thanks

There is some buffer time for the Coordinator to hold the data for the end device, may be you will find these figures in the product manual.