xbee S2 coordinator as remote control stops sending commands

I have a problem with my Xbee S2 Radios.
I want to use them as a remote control and have configured them , so they speak together.

Now my problem.
I connect the xbee coordinator to my PC and send via Terminal some numbers to the Router.
The first Time every thing works fine,
but after 8 to 10 numbers the coordinator stops sending and starts sending the Rest after 5 to 10 seconds.

What can I do to learn the coordinator sending every time.

Sorry about my bad english, I’m from germany and use english not so often.

Best regards

You are having issues because your Coordinator by default is in Broadcast mode. To speed up communications, set the DL and DH of the Coordinator to match the SL and SH of the router.

Thanks mvut,
thats was helping.

But now I have a new Problem.
I want to join a End device to this Network,
but the Router didn’t send the Nummbers to the End Device, when I set the coordinator dh and dl to sh and sl of the router.

If I bring dh and dl back to 0 and FFFF it works but stops sending just like yesterday.

Best regards


If you want to send data to an End device from the coordinator, then you need to set the DL and DH of the Coordinator to the SL and SH of the End device. You also need to send the lesser of no more than 120 bytes or two packets per wake cycle.

Dear mvut,
that ist not solving my Problem.
Becaus if I set DL and DH of the Router 0 or to SL and SH of the coordinator dosen’t change anything of the 10 seconds with no sending from coordinator.
And if I also set DL and DH from coordinator to SL and Sh from Router only the Router get the Data.

The End device is connected to a microprocessor and the slepp mode is set to “pin hibernate”.
The microprocessor wake up the End Device and watch if the coordinator is online. In this case the End device is still awake and don’t go to sleep until it get a signal from coordinator.

Is ther a chance to make sending stabil without brakes?
Could I bind the devices (coordinator, router and 4-5 End devices) without brakes by sending?

I don’t think you understand. If you want to send data to any nodes regardless if it is a router, coordinator or end device, you need to set the Source transmitter’s DL and DH to match the SL and SH of the node you want to send the data out the UART of.

Also set the end device to cyclic sleep for now while you get this working. This way the end device will wake and poll the router for the data on a regular basis and will keep the end device from being kick of the network.