RF data send in API, How to send data to remote xbee and get response?


Setup: I have 3 Xbee radios. 1 coordinator API, and 2 router API.

Want: I want to send data to 1 router from coordinator, receive response, and then without having to change addresses in XCTU, send data to the other router and receive response.

Example: 7E 00 10 10 01 00 13 A2 00 40 8A 8B FF 74 60 00 00 FE 21 F2

7E(Start Delimiter) 00 10 (Length)10 (Frame Type) 01 (Frame ID)00 13 A2 00 40 8A 8B FF (Dest 64bit Addy)74 60 (Dest. 16 bit addy) 00 (Broadcast Radius) 00 (Options)FE 21 (RF Data) F2 (Check sum)

I want to send “FE 21” or in decimal “254 33” To the zigbee. In AT I am able to send this command and receive a response of “55” or in decimal “85”. This means all is good.

Problem: In XCTU I have used the frame generator and tried “Transmit Request”, “Many to one route request indicator”, “Remote AT Command” etc. ad nauseum.

Nothing comes back. Using AT Command I am able to get simple AT commands back such as ATID, ATDH etc. But when I try to send a direct Hex command of FE 21, I get nothing.

I have looked into using VBstudio, Proccessing(Program that doesn’t work with old libraries), C, Python, Java. But I have exhausted every tutorial and gotten nowhere due to errors, or lack of good information.

It seems that I should be able to send an API command (Using Labview in the long term) and return a status such as a voltage, then instantly send a different API command to a different remote radio.

Question: How do I send FE 21 (As a Hex example) using API?

Thank you.

Use the API frame 10 and issue it as a broadcast packet or unicast packet to the intended module. It will then be sent out the UART of that receiving module.