Xbee development board question?

hello everyone!!
Using the Development board i am trying to send a command from the coordinator to a router to have the router go into command mode so i can change configurations on the router from the coordinator. How would i go about sending a command to get router to command mode if it is even possible? This is with the XBee S2 modules.

Good lord, That’s an interesting question. I’m not fluent in Xbee Series 2 Manual but I would suspect you idea can’t be done. What is the router connected to? If you had some kind of microcontroller on the router you might be able to get the coordinator to tell the microcontroller via the router to then reprogram the router.

Yes, this is possible! It’s called a Remote AT command. The key here is that it must be sent using the API, API identifier of x17 if I remember correctly. You don’t send the command to enter command mode per se, you will simply send the AT command you wish to modify.

That command must be well hidden. At least with a quick scan over the manual I couldn’t find it.

I like to find more about remote API commands set.
Does anybody has this or where can I find this commands