Questions about setting up a network


I was in the middle of setting up a network of 30 routers and 1 coordinator in AT mode. The routers would send a number to the coordinator if a switch was triggered. My program in the arduino hooked up to the coordinator would receive the number and send a message to my display based on the number received. I have since scrapped that idea (was going to use a Yun to make a call but it lagged too much) and now have to come up with something a bit better.

I am making a pager system and the needs are as follows…I think.

all arduino/Xbee series 2 units configured as end points

2 routers to receive all information and display a message

1 coordinator to receive information from the routers, log the info, and display the information received.

Would this setup work? Will I have to change the way the Xbees are communicating? Currently the arduino is sending a number and the other arduino is receiving that number, will I have to switch to packets?

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

No that should be fine. Providing you are accounting for the sleep state of the End devices.