How to add an xbee router to a network to act as a simple repeater of API frames?

I have got a network with an xbee set as end device AT and a coordinator API connected to a computer. I am able to read the API frames without problems. What I would like to do is to add a third xbee radio to extend the communication range between the end device and the coordinator.

How do I need to setup the third radio? As a router AT? What are the critical settings in XCTU?

I tried setting the DL and DH values so that the end device talks to the router and the router talks to the coordinator but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

All it needs to do is to receive the API frames from the AT end device and forward them to the coordinator set in API mode.

Any help highly appreciated!

Many Thanks,

Set the End Device to talk directly to the Coordinator.
If all 3 devices are in the same network, then the Router will automatically forward those messages between the two other modules.

and the coordinator that address I put and the router that address I put