How to use an xbee pro s2b as repeater (router) between End Device in AT mode and Coordinator in API mode

Hello all,

I am using an Xbee Pro S2B as End device in AT mode to send API frames to another Xbee Pro S2B acting as a coordinator and connected to a pc.

That’s great.

Now I need to introduce a third Xbee Pro S2B to work as a repeater (router) and extend the range of the communication.

How do I need to setup the router? I tried both AT and API but cannot get it to work. I set the DH and DL addresses so that end device talks only to router and router talks only to coordinator but cannot get it to work.

Any helps highly appreciated!


Set the DH and DL of the end device to talk to the coordinator.

If all the devices are on the same network, then the router will automatically forward messages between the two.

Is it possible that one module XBee S2B was in AT-command mode but another XBee S2B module was in API mode and both could talk each other?