2 Xbee modules, but not a two way communication

I have a Xbee-network with two devices (XB24-B).
There is one Xbee-coordinator and one router/end device.

If both where placed in the Digi USB-development boards (XBIB-U-DEV) they work well.
But when I place the “end device Xbee” in my application, this Xbee only receives messages from the coordinator. The coordinator does not accept any messages from my application with the Xbee end device.

Does anybody had a similar experience with the Xbees?


Hi Sebastian,

What firmware version is running on the end device (ATVR)? Is serial data getting to the DIN pin (pin 3) on the XBee in your board? DIN should be high when no data is sent.

The coordinator has the firmware version 1020 and the router/end device 1220 (see attached files).

I also included a measurment from the DIN pin. It should be a ‘A’ character @ 9600 baud.