Problem communication

Hello everyone!

I have two XBEE (series 2) devices and I want connect the first device with a microcontroller (arduino) and the other one on my computer. So I want to control the arduino board from my computer wirelessly. The first device is configured as a coordinator AT (1047) and the second as a Router / End Device AT (1247). These two devices must exchange data in real time (fast).
The problem is that the second Xbee (Router / End Device) cannot read fast the data sent by the computer. This device reads olny 5-6 commands and after that crashes. Must to wait 6-7 seconds to start read again. Instead, the first device(Coordinator) reads and sends all the data in real time.

Does anyone know what could be wrong? I’ve done something wrong in the regulation of devices?


sounds like a route discovery might have been forced. that can take several seconds.

also, znet 2.5 firmware is almost 5 years old. ZB firmware is the newest supported. perhaps you should switch.

Ι have configure again the devices with the ZB firmware but the problem remain.
The coordinator works fine but the end device has problems…

If you are using broadcast, then what you say is expected. Zigbee and Znet are horrible at broadcasts. It coudl also be a problem with flow-control. For example, you cannot try to send 600 bytes of data in AT mode without soem for of flow-control since none of the XBee have large enough serial buffers to accept that much data without pausing.

I am sending String commands, which is 6-7 byte’s. Overall I am sending 15-20 commands per seconds. But how the Coordinator can to receive all these commands without any problems? The problem is only with devices that regulated as a “End device” or “Router”.
These are so unwieldy machines !