Communication between Coordinator to End Point Device bottleneck Issue


I currently have two Zigbee modules setup as a Coordinator communicating to an end point. I am using XCTU with both of the modules connected to my computer over serial. I can currently have two way communication between the two device.

My problem is that the coordinator seems to queue up messages before sending them out at times. One example is typing a character into the console at roughly ~1Hz. After 8 characters, the device would seem to start queuing up the messages and would transmit them all at once after a given duration.

When I transmit from my end point device, I can transfer at a much faster rate > ~1Hz and the coordinator will receive all the messages in a timely manner. It does not seem like the end point queues up the messages.

Is there a way where I can stop the coordinator from queuing up the messages and send them at the rate I am typing into the console?

Per the Zigbee standard, an End device must poll its parent node. That poll rate can be adjusted in 10ms increments. If this is going to be a point to point application between two modules, I would suggest using the XBee 802.15.4 modules instead.