I have problems comunicating 1 Coordinator with 6 EndDevices in BROADCAST, all XBEEs S1

Hi guys!

It is my first topic in this forum, amb newbie in the XBEE world.

I’m having problems with the communication from a Coordinator to 6 EndDevices, in Broadcast, the information does not arriving fast;(

I sent ‘0’ or ‘1’ trhought the serial port and it works fine if I work with 1Coordinator+1EndDevice.

When I work with 6EndDevices, I need to send a lot of ‘0’ or ‘1’ to they receive the information.

Working in 802.15.4 mode.

All my XBEEs S1 have the same configuration:
ID 3332
DH 0
MY 0

Any idea how I can get better communication with more than 1 EndDevice?

Thanx in advance!

I’m working in mode AT, maybe it could better work with API?

In other hand I don’t know the the difference between 802.15.4 and Zigbee modes, this decision could help me?

Thanks again!

The 802.15.4 defines the PHY and MAC layers in the OSI model. Zigbee runs in the upper Networking layers of the OSI model. It will run slower as it runs on top of the 802.15.4 standard.

When you choose to broadcast packets, it needs to be sent a total of 4 times. Where by uni-cast only sends the packet once or up to 11 times if the ACK is not received. So in your case, it may be faster to use API mode and uni-cast addressing.

Hi @mvut, thanks a lot for your reply and your time.

How I told you, I’m really newbie in the XBEE world.

From your comments, I understand that it is better if I follow working in 802.15.4, is it?

About your second comment, I really lost. I don’t know what means ‘So in your case, it may be faster to use API mode and uni-cast addressing.’, sorry:s

I would like to explain better my project to be sure what are my necessaries of communications:

I working with 1 XBEE S1 (as Coordinator) connected to my computer that, though a Processing skecth is sending via Serial Port different orders (‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’… ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, … ‘f’, ‘g’, ‘h’…)…

… in the other side, I have 6 XBEE S1 connected in 6 different Arduino Mega (mounted in any Xbee Shield), with some stepper motor and module laser connected, waiting for the order of the Coordinator… If they receive a:
‘0’ - they will stop their orders
‘1’ - they will start the first sequence of stepper motors and lasers
‘2’ - they will start the second sequence of stepper motors and lasers

‘A’ - Put HIGH the first laser
‘B’ - Put HIGH the second laser
‘C’ - Put HIGH the third laser

‘a’ - Put LOW the first laser
‘b’ - Put LOW the second laser
‘c’ - Put LOW the third laser

When I work with 1 Coordinator and 1 EndDevice, all works fine… I send diferent characters and the arduino Mega react at the moment.

But, when I work with 1 Coordinator and 2+ EndDevices, the communication does not work well and I need to press the key of the option (‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘A’, ‘B’, … ) to get it received and act correctly in any Arduino Mega.

How I had tell you before, I’m working in BROADCAST mode for all XBEEs S1 like this setting in mode AT:
ID 3332
DH 0
MY 0

I thought that my option comunication was sufficient to manage the data from the coordinator to EndDevices, but how I tell you I don’t know a lot of things about XBEE configurations.

Knowing all of those, it would be great if you could confirm me if your proposed solution is the way and downgrade the languaje to a level that I could understand, if it is possible :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for your time and patient.

I don’t know if another solution could be change the configuration of EndDevices, I don’t need that they send anything to coordinator and between them?

Could be a good option? I would win something to have a much better comunication from the Coordinator?

If yes, could someone tell me how I can do it?

Thanks in advance,

I think you need to understand that the XBee is nothing more than a wireless cable with some delay added between the devices.

Hi @mvut,

I understand this capability of XBEEs, I just trying to know how can I make the communication work efficiently, and that the data sent by the Coordinator reliably reach the 6 EndDevices :sweat_smile: