How to broadcast from Coordinator in API mode to router in AT mode at a rate of 0.01ms

I have one XBEE S2 coordinator in API mode and 4 XBEE S2 Routers in AT mode. I would like to broadcast a string at the rate of 30 ms max from coordinator to all routers. I tried in this mode and its working at a rate of 1sec which is too slow for my purpose. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

What do you mean 30ms max? You want to send a string every 30ms? Or you want a broadcast to take only 30ms to get from one end to the other?

If it’s the latter, then there’s not much you can do. ZigBee is a slow protocol because it has a lot of overhead due to it being a Mesh protocol.

If you want a faster protocol, take a look at XBee 802.15.4.

However, even the fastest transmission are usually around 12-20 ms, and any failures and re transmissions will cause more latency. RF is not designed to match the low latency of a physical connection.