2 xbee sending info to coordinator - setup

I want to send sensor data from 2 xbees ( xbee S2 non prog) to my coordinator xbee ( I wish to increase the number of nodes in future) in api mode using an Arduino connected to each router xbee.
What’s should the setting in my xctu for the xbees be( dh = ,dl = , my =)? I found some wrtie ups about the broadcast… but I wanted to send from multiple modes to single node.

Can someone please help me? My priect I’d due in there days

For the Zigbee enabled modules, the routers and sleeping end devices by default send there data to the coordinator. That is, by default, a typical Point to multi point network exists with the Coordinator being the multi-point base and all other nodes pointing to it.

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That is a relief to hear.
I saw that an information placed on Dout pin ( IN AT MODE ) of an XBee gets transmitted immediately to the destination Xbee. Can I do the same in API mode ( i.e can I place the frme I creted on the Dout pin of an Xbee in API mode and have it send it to the coordinator Xbee)?

when using API mode, the TX request packet includes the 64 bit address of who you want to send the data to. If you want it to go to the coordinator, either use the full mac address of the coordinator or use the special address of 0.