Can I send data from Coordinator to router in AT mode

I have setup a two way connection between my Coordinator and my router, both in AT mode. The router sends to the Coordinator but the reverse is not true, is this possible?
If so how can I configure the Xbee’s (S2) to do this?

First, make sure that the coordinator and router are on the same channel (CH) and associated (Routers AI). If either is not the case, then issue an ATNR0 to the router.

Once associated, set the Coordinators DL and DH to match the routers SL and SH. Then you should be able to send the data back and forth.

You can also broadcast to all from the coordinator setting the DH DL to 0x0000FFFF

Broadcast is the default. The issue with Broadcast in a poiont to point connection is the latency.

In transparent mode the two Xbees acts as a wireless serial lines…hence both the coordinator and router can transmit as well as receive the data…

Check whether u have properly written the destination address in your coordinator…