I cannot send the message from router to the coordinator

Hello I’m a new user with this technology,

I have one digi connectxport2 ZB and one ZB router AT.
I can send message from coordinator to the router,
but I cannot send the message from router to the coordinator.
I used this code to receive message in the coordinator:

import xbee
from socket import *

Create the socket, datagram mode, proprietary transport:

#if I use 0xe8 I will have an exception
sd.bind((“”, 0x00, 0, 0))

Block until a single frame is received, up to 255 bytes:

print “Waitting For New Packet”

data, src_addr = sd.recvfrom(255)

print “the data :”
print data
print “src”
print src_addr

This is the main setting of router:

ID= ID of coordinator
DH= dh of coordinator
DL= dl of coordinator
OI= oi of coordinator
CH= ch of coordinator

Why do not I have comunication from router to the coordinator? Did I do
something wrong?

First try setting the SC to 1FFE on both. Then issue an ATNR0 on the router so that it re-joins the Coordinator.

Next I would recommend doing a set traces state = on mask = xbee:* to see if you get the receive packet back or not.

Keep in mind that the router does need to have its UART connected to something in order to respond with data.