Why can't my coordinator receive a message from a router?


I’m creating a network ox xbee pro S2Cs in API mode.

Whenever I send a message to my router, my router can receive the exact message perfectly, but when I try to respond, my coordinator receives an 8B request. When I send it to an unavailable router it returns seomthing like this:
(1) 7E 00 07 8B Short Address xx xx 24 1 CheckSum
(2) 7e 00 07 8B Short Address xx xx 0 0 Checksum

I generated a frame lik this in xctu and I noticed that the important bytes are 8B 24 and 1 in (1), where 8B indicates the frametype, 24 indicates that the required mac address was not found and 1 indicating that it was a discovery. And in (2) the important ones are 8B 0 and 0 which indicate that the message was sent and received correctly.

To me this is strange, because in the router I always expect to receive a 0x90 in the frame type byte which indicates that I have received a frame. But that never happens in my coordinator?

From coordinator to router I send:
7e 00 xx 10 1 00 10 32 xx xx xx xx xx FF FE 00 00 01 MYDATA Checksum

And from router to coordinator my frame is the same, the only thing that changes is the Mac Address and the checksum.

So, why can’t I receive the frame in my coordinator? Should I send another command? Am I sending it wrong from the router? Do I need to send to a different short address? Where can I learn more about this so that I can study before coming to this forum? Is there an open source library?

That does not look like a valid frame for the 64 bit address. The 64 bit address for a Digi xbee begins with 00 13 A2 00. Could that be why it is not working?

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Sorry it took me such a long time to answer. I was able to fix it, unfortunately the MAC I provided above was a typo.

My problem was connection to the board. The signal was geting there but was too noisy fue to poor connection. I fixed it, the signal started getting to xbee as cleanly as possible and it all started working.

Thank you very much for your help