Can't receive frames

Hi everyone

I have the coordinator connected to PC, and other modules that send periodic frames to coordinador.

The idea of my project, is not to use the XCTU, but i have this problem.

If i connect the coordinator to PC, and try to receive the frames with a serial common client (for example XShell) is not possible.

But, if i open XCTU, detect the coordinator, and back to XShell, i receive the frames without any problem

Does anybody know what’s happening?
Why i can receive frames only after using XCTU?

Thanks everybody

Sounds like you are not opening the COM port properly. Try using Hyper Terminal instead.

haha really? The com is ok.

I have an additional data. I open the pxbee_update (the soft provided by Digi to update fw over the air) and sometimes it doesn’t work. It doesn’t detect the coordinator.

I open XCTU, detect coordinator and it works. Now i go back to the pxbee_update and everything is ok


What is the full part number of the XBee module and firmware version you are working with?

The part number is XBP24BZT and the fw version is 21A7

Is this info enough?

Many thanks

You are using the Coordinator API firmware on that module. What happens if you use the 20A7 code instead (Coordinator AT)?

mvut, thanks for your response. All the nodes in my network have to work in API mode, because it has to be mesh.

I understand that if i set the coordinator in AT mode, maybe i could send frames to any node (because i will send the right frame from the PC) but i’m not sure about receiving frames correctly from any node

Am i wrong?

Thanks again

API vs AT firmware versions has nothing to do with if it will work on a Mesh network or not. API vs AT only has to do with the interface from the device or PC and the radio via its UART.

Remember, we are not troubleshooting a network or Radio to radio communications. We are troubleshooting your PC’s ability to Open a COM port and communicate with the radio connected to it. The other question is, what is the XBee module mounted on or connected to that is connected to the PC?

Many thanks mvut! I don’t understand the last question.

Is it not enough the data “XBP24BZT and the fw version is 21A7”?

No it is not. What are you physically connecting the XBee into that then connects to the PC?

Ahh Sorry. I’m using the XBIB-U USB board of Digi

This sounds like you are using a Programmable XBee module. What is the FULL part number on the Xbee module? That is the XBP24 number on the white label?

mvut, the part number is XBP24BZ7WITB003-revL

If you help me understand it, it will be great!

Thanks in advance

This is a Programmable module. You just don’t Open a port and and and receive data over it like you do with the standard XBee modules. This one has a 2nd processor installed that requires you to develop and upload an application to before you can do anything with it. This is why you are having issues accessing it and XCTU is able to. To resolve your issue you need to either upload the transparent application to the Freescale processor via a BDM programmer or switch to the Non programmable modules.