Xbee S2C router to router communication

I have 3 xbee S2c modules. I have configured 1 xbee as coordinator and another 2 xbee as routers (There is no end devices in network)

Settings for Coordinator in broadcast mode,
DH = 0

Settings for router 1,
DH = 0
DL = 0

Setting for router 2,
DH = 0
DL = 0

(I have already took care of CE and JV settings for coordinator and router. All xbees are in Transparent mode)

Now, considering above settings my coordinator is able to transmit data packets to both routers and when i send data from router 1/router 2, it reaches to coordinator without any problem.

But how can i achieve data transmission between router 1 and router 2 or vice versa. I am working in robotic application where in real time my coordinator robot needs to get data from both routers and sometimes router 1 may need to get data from router 2 also.

Thanks in advance.

You will need to change the DH/DL of the transmitting radio to match the SH/SL of the receiving radio.

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