API mode 1 versus mode 2


I’m using the Xbee Pro 900MHz S3B (model XBP9B DMUT-002). I am implementing API mode for my application (currently API mode 1). My questions:

  • In API mode 1, will the Xbee module respond with unsolicited TX Status messages if there is a 0x7E, 7D, 11 or 13 in the payload?
  • Will it transmit the packet correctly with one of these characters in the payload?
  • s there any benefit of using API mode 2? As I understand it, the host microcontroller has to do all the unpacking of the escaped frames anyway, so what’s the point of AP2?

Thank you.

Yes it will. API mode 2 is really for application that if they receive one of the escaped charters will have issues or not.