API Operation for Xbee PRO

I’m trying to study about the API Operation.

In Xbee, they have 3 kinds of Operation:

  • API disable
    +API Operation without escaped character
    +API Operation with escaped character.

Could you let me know where I can see the whole of data frame structure ? I want to distinguish the different between 3 Operation modes of Xbee.

Thank you


API - 0 (API mode is off) means all UART input and output is raw data and packets are delineated using the RO and RB parameters.

API - 1 (API mode is on) means all UART input and output data is packetized in the API format, without escape sequences.

API - 2 means API mode is on with escaped sequences inserted to allow for control characters (XON, XOFF, escape, and the 0x7e delimiter to be passed as data).

You can find the data frame structure in the page number 33 of the following document, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90002134_B.pdf