Digimesh: How to enter API mode?

Hello there,
So far I was configuring the API mode using the XCTU and havent really thought about it. At the moment however, I am facing a problem:

I receive a brand new Xbee SX868 and I need to place it directly to the device. I have noticed that after reset, it doest send me the status code 0x00 (Hardware reset). I realized I am probably not in API mode by default (please correct me if this is not the case).

So I need to implement a feature in my code that will check either the connected xbee is in API or transparent mode. If its transparent, I need to change to API. The problem is I am not certain how can I make the Xbee go to the API mode using serial protocol. In the “XBeeDigiMesh 2.4User Guide” I have found a command AP (API enable), but since I am in transparent mode, how can I execute it?

I would really appreciate all help here.

That is correct. ALL XBee modules come pre configured in transparent mode. If you want API mode, then you need to enable it.

For example, from your processor you would issue:

+++ (To enter command mode)

Figured it out also that way. Thank you.