Entering API mode

Several years ago I had used the xbee/xbee-pro modules heavily and it was more-or-less smooth sailing.

I recently purchased two XBP09-XSC modules (in the development kit) and am trying to have them communication with each other. I can make transparent mode work ok but am having a hard time with API mode and am wondering if the module is even in API mode.

In the old code, I could send:


to enter api mode but when I type this in the xctu terminal I get an error, which suggests my code is not entering API mode.

I have seen nothing about API mode in the XBee‐PRO® XSC OEM RF Module manual. How do I get this module to enter API mode?

Thanks –

Maybe reflashing the firmware will help.
Use below steps to reflash the firmware on the module.

  • Select correct Modem, Function set and Version
  • Click “Show defaults”
  • Check “Always Update Firmware”
  • Click “Write”
    Now go to Terminal tab and try the command