API mode, different addresses TX/RX

I just have a question about API, can you have a transmission address header different from the reception ?

I want 2 xbees to transmit at a certain address header but I want them to receive data from another address header, can it be done ?

Thanks for your help

I’m not sure your question.

They cannot have two different addresses, so a node cannot send as 0x1122 and receive as 0xAABB.

Nothing stops node A from sending to node B, and B sending to node C and C sending to node A, so therefore node A sends to B but receives from C.

Yes that was my question, thanks

Good. Compared to TCP/IP, the Xbee stuff seems a bit magic. Your API TX frame out includes your destination address. Your API RX frame in includes the source address.

At no point are you given a neat combination of src+dst like you are in TCP/IP.

So the frame sends one USART 8 bit for the address and then sends another USART 8 bit for the info ?

Or works different ?

I have another question, the xbee start receiving data, but if there’s too much traffic , the xbee puts it in like a stack so later it will give that data in the TX conforming it was received right ?

when that occurs, the power of the signal that is shown is the one that is the TX giving, of the one that the module is receiving at that time ?

thanks a lot