Easy questions about the API mode, thanks in advance

Hello everybody,

I’ve been reading the manual reference of xbee’s (I bought a development kit) but I’m not sure about some things.

Easy things, and they require easy replies, I’d be deeply gratefull if you give me a hand.

About the API mode…

  1. which type does a packet have to be in order to send it? I mean, I’ve read which format a packet have but, do I have to create it in binary, in hexadecimal… Or what?

  2. Ok, now I’ve got my packet. I gotta send it using a serial-port connected to an xbee and it will authomatically forward it to its destination (due to the fact that the packet has the destination node adress), am I right?

  3. How do I have to send the packet? in a whole frame or first the identifir characters of a packet, and then the other bits? That’s to say, character by character or the whole packet at the same time?

  4. Which API type packet (0x??) is usually used to send an AT command?

Thank you all for your help and time,



  1. API packets are formatted in Hex.

  2. That is coorect. As part of the API frame, you will specify the destination address. This way, the settings of the DT parameter will be ignored, and the address in the APi packet will be used. This allows you to send a different message to a differenet node on every single transmission without entering command mode, and changing a parameter.

  3. Send the packet as the whole frame at the same time.

  4. use the x08 API identifier to send AT commands to the local radio. You can also send At commands to a remote device to query or set parameters if you wish using the x17 API identifier.