How to send data from PC to microcontroller with XBee in API mode?

I have done sending and receiving data in AT mode. Now I want to send the data from my PC to my robot which is connected to the microcontroller in API mode with XBee. So how to send it? I configure both the XBee in API mode with the help of XCTU. What type of parameters we have to send along with our data to work in API mode. Communication in API mode is done from pc to pc but not from pc to microcontroller. Please help if anyone knows!!


API mode is a bridge between transparent mode and command mode. Instead of using +++ to enter command mode, issue an AT command and exit command mode, you use API Data frames using Hex characters that tell the radio what to do. If you look in your XCTU’s terminal console, you will find an API frame explorer that will help you assemble the packets and send them. As a hint, if you want to send data to a specific module, you use the TX Request frame.

Something you might want to do, is to leave the PC Side in transparent mode, then put the Micro Processor side in API mode. This way the processor can know who is sending the data and on the PC side, you only need to know what data to send just like you did in transparent mode.

Also note that if you look for the Manual for the exact XBee module you have and its related firmware, you will find a complete section in the manual that covers API mode.