How can I access the server program on my PC(S6B)

Hi, everyone.

I’m running a test using S6B. (use XTCU)

I want to connect server program on my PC.

And I have to set API mode(API mode without escapes).

But I cannot connect to the server program when in API mode without escapes.

I want to send some data to server the program.

So, I generator API Frames using Xbee API Frames Generator on XCTU.

But The data is not send to Server program.

This problem only appears in API mode.

If I send data once in AT mode and then send data in API mode, the data will be transmitted.

My guess is that unlike the AT mode, the API mode requires a command to connect to the server.

How can I transmit data in API mode without AT mode?

Please Help me…


No, there is no special command that needs to be issued in API mode to get it to send data. It does need to be connected to the access point just like in transparent mode. Have you verified this has occurred by querying the AI command?

Digi Support

Thank you relay.

Can you explain in detail what ‘Have you verified this has occurred by querying the AI command?’ means?

What I mean by that is, have you queried the AI command to see the status of the XBee and its connection? You should be doing this before you send any data.