Api operation datasheet error?

Hello there,
I am working with XBee Pro DigiMesh 2.4 device. At the moment I am implementing frames parser (API mode) in the MCU controlling the Xbee. To do that I am looking at “API Operation” section in Xbee pro datasheet (page header: XBee®/XBee PRO® RF Modules ‐ 802.15.4 ‐ v1.xEx [2009.09.23]). In this section I found following inconsistencies:

On page 61 it says that “TX (Transmit) Request: 64-bit address” has API Identifier = 0x00. In the XCTU however, as well as github library repo it states that the API identifier is 0x10. Similar situation for “TX (Transmit) Status” on page 63. Datasheet says 0x89, XCTU says 0x8B.

I would appreciate all help regarding this.

You are reading the manual for 802.15.4 yet you are using a protocol of Digi Mesh. They are two different protocols and will be different with different API’s. Trust what is listed in XCTU an. It is accurate and so to would be the Digi Mesh 2.4 manual.

Got the right datasheet, thank you.

I think there is a mistake in Digimesh manual this time. On the page 132 “Receive Packet 0x90” command is described. The description states that it has a field called “Frame ID”. In reality id does not, because the rx packet has no frame ID to compare to.