Append old and new data to XML


I’m a new user of DIGI technology.
I’ve opened a new thread at IDIGI_DIA:,9789

I’d be glad if you could help me to configure the dia_project (connectport X4) to append old data with new data to one XML file uploaded into digi server. Currently, the XML file contains only new samples.



Currently the DIA doesn’t expose an option for appending data to an existing file. It does have the option to cycle through a list of files, uploading sample1.xml, sample2.xml, …, sampleN.xml, sample1.xml, …, and so on. Would this be sufficient for your use case?

Also, are you working on There is an option to configure the server to interpret the data pushed by the Dia. You can turn on this behavior by adding the Dia Data Management subscription as shown in the attached screenshot.

If you turn this on, you’ll be able to retrieve historical Dia channel values by querying the web services of the server, particularly HTTP GETs on /ws/DiaChannelDataFull and /ws/DiaChannelDataHistoryFull. I included a screenshot of the examples that will show up in the web services console once you add the Dia Data Management Subscription.

Let me know if this helps. Keep in mind that just like files pushed up to storage, dia data pushed up in this manner will eventually be purged, so if you are interested in saving the data for an extended amount of time you should retrieve it with your application.


Thank you for your response. Regarding your response, the solution is to create a database and to write a program script for retrieving samples from idigi.

I"m also intrested in testing TCP CSV Presentation. I would be grateful if you would help me configure TCP CSV Presentation. What should I write in ‘IP-address’ and ‘port numbr’ in order to store csv file in the connectportX4, and how to access.

I"m also intrested in writting a python script for storing csv file in flash usb as a backup for idigi. I went through every “USB Flash” examples but I need some help. May I ask you to attach a script which includes lines for reading data from channels and save it as csv file in usb drive.



I haven’t used the TCP CSV presentation, but if I recall correctly, the Dia will open up a TCP connection to the remote system and start sending it data in CSV form.

So, for example, you might run an application on computer A at listening on TCP port 12000 (IP address and port chosen at random). You’d configure the TCP CSV presentation to the IP and port of the computer. It would then open up a connection to the application and start sending data to it.

To instead have it write to a file, you’d modify the existing presentation and have it open and append to a file on attached flash drive (“A/mylogfile.csv” would be a file on the first USB drive found). This would be done in place of sending it through TCP.