Where is the upload file option in iDigi Connectivity Server?

I am trying to upload a new dia.zip to a remote CX4 and am using the iDigi Connectivity server. I can see the python options for starting up scripts after a rebbot, but don;t see how to upload a new dia.zip.

It was there in the older version of the service, but now I can’t find it. I can see the option to upload new firmware, but that does not work for uploading a file.

I’m logged into iDigi Platform. Went to the Devices tab, which lists the Devices I’ve configured to be remote-managed by iDigi Platform. From here I double-clicked on my CP-X8, which then shows me options for that Device. I then click on “Python”, which shows me a screen with the Auto-start settings listed on the top part of that page, and a python files listing on the bottom part of the page. In the bottom portion of that page is also a button for “Upload File…” This is where you’d upload a new Dia.zip.

I get a different set of options - see attached screen shot. I tried Firefox and IE8 nad get the same screen. It does not show the fields that you describe.


I was looking into this and it appears that you have customized your device so that it is no longer being identified as a “ConnectPort X4”. We are currently using the device type as a hint to determine what should be displayed in the device properties page.

If you switch it back to ConnectPort X4 I believe you should see the option to upload the files come back. Alternatively, you have the option of uploading the file through a web service call.

OK, for the local CX4, I will change the config file.

But for the remote CX4, you indicate I can do this via a web service call. Can you elaborate on that a bit? I am familiar with the RCI calls and use them for getting channel data. I don’t see an option to upload a file. Or is there some other web service call that I can use? Please show me an example so I can try this.


Here’s a link to the file system operations you can do in RCI (which you’ll have to send through the SCI web service in iDigi to get to your device): http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/RCI_do_command#File_System. Some docs are available on SCI, which among other things, allows you to tunnel commands to your device: SCI Information

To just delete the file, put the device ID in the following request, and POST the request to http://developer.idigi.com/ws/sci. You can then reboot the device and it should show up with the original device type and the device properties page will have all of the original options listed.