Application is resetting to factory defaults instead of reading from NVRAM


When my application is started, parameters are reset to the factory default.

I set the parameters to be read from NVRAM:

But, from the netosStartup() function, the naExecuteDebuggerCommands() function is called and a reset to factory defaults (DCMD_CMD_RESET_TO_FACTORY_DEFAULTS) command is executed.

Does anybody know why is this happening and how to avoid it?

I am using ConnectCore7u with NET+OS 7.3 and gnu tools on Windows.

Thank you


Problem is solved.

Sorry for the stupid question. I had selected the option to reset parameters to factory results and checked the “don’t ask again” box when debugging my application.

I was not able to make the environment ask me again when starting to debug, but I changed the debugResetToDefaults parameter to false in the com.digi.netos.prefs project file. Now parameters are read from NVRAM.

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