Save settings to nvram?

I’m quite new to this world. I’m workiing with a Digi Connect ME with NETOS 6.0

I’ve developed my application, and I have it running now. But I don’t now how to store my settings on nvram so the next time the digi restarts it reads those values.

Any idea how to do it or where can I look for thar information?

Thhank you very much

Just in case somebody is in the same problem as I was, you can find the solution in the files:


use the sample naftpapp and download the File image.bin from your application with ftp into flash an restart.


Which settings? Ones that you created or the network settings?

If it is ones that you created, the easiest way is to use the virtual filesystem and just save a config file.

If you are talking about network settings, take a look at:

customizeGetIPParameters(&ipAddr, &subnet_mask, &default_gateway);


customizeSaveIPParameters(ipAddr, subnet_mask, default_gateway);


Thank you for all the answers.

I used those functions, and created my own for my values.

Thanks for the replies.