non-volatile parameters

I need to store some user parameters in a non-volatile memory so they don’t reset after recycling the power on the board (I am using ConnectMe 9210, NET+OS7.4). What would be a best method?

Depends a bit how often they change, and how much space they occupy.
If they change rarely, and you have the flash file system enabled, you could save them in a file.
Otherwise I’d suggest connecting an EEPROM to the I2C port.
I actually use Ramtron FRAM devices, which are faster to write to than EEPROM (

It is also possible to save small amounts of rarely changing parametrs in the NV section that is used by NET+OS for storage of the main board parameters such as IP addresses etc.

I use this for defining fixed calibration parameters and the build options on my boards.

Look in the help file for the NVRAM driver, to find the API routines to access this area.

Thanks for prompt response, nice live community here.
I was looking for exactly these two options.