store IP address in NVRAM

I’m building a single software image that should be used on several DigitConnect ME devices that each have their own fixed IP address (stored in NVRAM).

What is the most easy way to setup the fixed IP address in the DigiConnect and to load in the image file?
(These steps need to be as simple as possible because my clients should be able to perform this operation, without the complete Digi ESP development environment).

I have found some information about Advanced Digi Discovery Protocol (ADDP). Can I use this to store a fixed IP address in the NVRAM of a Digi device?

Check out the NAFTPAPP sample program. You can modify it if you want or incorporate it into your own application.

ADDP is an easy way to change the units IP address (including having the changes reflected in NVRAM). See the finder example application that comes with the kit (netos root)/utilities/win32/discovery/

And what about uploading the software image to the device? What’s the most easy way to do that?

FTP is the only way with the firmware that comes on the modules by default. After that, it’s up to you to implement a method to update the firmware.

Lets say I want to keep the FTP method to update the firmware (in my own software). How should I do that?

P.S. Where can I find documentation about the FTP firmware update process? (username/password/filename/etc)