Are these Xbee connections correct?

I have the system assembled and am using XCTU, but I need help.

The receiver is an Xbee connected to an Explorer.
The transmitter is an Xbee plugged into a Shield which is plugged into a Redboard.
The Redboard has a 9v battery plugged into the round socket.
There are two analog sensors connected to the Shield.
Both sensors are connected to +5v and GND.
The output from the sensors are connected to Analog In 0 and 1.
Is this wiring correct?

D0 and D1 are both set to analog (2) on transmitter and receiver.
AP is set to 0 on transmitter and receiver.

When I run XCTU in AT mode, commands like ATID and ATD0 work fine.
AT%V returns ERROR.
Why do I get an error?

ATIS returns:
Does this tell you anything?



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Which XBee modules are you using? What is the min and max output voltages of the sensor?

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I am using Xbee Series 1 (802.15.4). The min and max output voltages are 0 to 1v.

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You need to connect VREF to your max output voltage. I would also suggest reading over